Indian Money Company Reviews on Investments

Investments are so risky if we don’t know how it works. There are different ways of making investments. I was trying to invest my extra income a few months ago and just like any other person of today’s age and time, I went on Google and searched for the best investment options. The more I read, the more confused I became. Finally, I searched for the most reliable investment platform and came across indianmoney reviews.

Indian money company reviews looked positive, many customers were talking about friendly customer care, positive investment results, updated market knowledge, professional investment agents, etc. I was impressed with each Review and decided to give it a try. 

I contacted the number given on their website, and the customer care executive connected me to the investment assistant right away. We conducted a couple of telephone discussions. The investment manager was very patient and understood my objectives behind the investment without lacking Interest. She suggested a few options based on my income and readiness for the investment amount. All my goals were long term and hence she suggested me the related investment products.

She also helped me understand the past performance of each product. I am a happy customer of Indian money. You can rely on them. Be open and ask every silly doubt you have and they will resolve it with the same integrity and attention. The staff of the company is well informed. Every process they conduct, every document they make you sign and every investment they make on your behalf is transparent. The platform is trustworthy. They offer multiple investment products ranging from easy to high risk. Insurance is also provided by them.,15_IL.16,25_IM1091.htm

Great Experience – Reviews

I am in my mid thirties and until now I was clueless about my finances. For me it was always like earn it and spend it. I have had good savings also but somehow I never knew what to do with it. I heard a lot of my colleagues invest their money in gold, SIPs, Land, or in real estate. But I never had the courage to invest my money as I did not know what would be the best solution for me.

After a good research and talking to a few of my colleagues I came across Indianmoney. I read a lot of Indianmoney reviews and they were good reviews. I went to the reviews to check their reviews and what services they have. I was amazed to know that they are not a seller of any kind of policy or scheme; they only analyze and suggest what is best for you.

They suggest multiple schemes, policies, home loans, car loans, personal loans, and much more based on your analysis. Even all the indian money company reviews I read said that they were one of the best platforms for analyzing and investing your money. I went ahead with NPS as I wanted to secure my future. And was extremely satisfied with my decision. Before choosing my plan they showed me a bunch of comparisons and suggested what will be a perfect fit for me. In my reviews all I want to say is that this platform is exceptionally great for people who are not sure how to proceed with their finances. Moreover, I will definitely suggest this to my friends.

For More reviews:,15_IL.16,25_IM1091.htm

Indianmoney Reviews On Know all the FD Interest Rates before investing

The interest rate of the fixed deposit changes from time to time and it varies from bank to bank. The interest rate depends on the amount of investment and tenure. So Indianmoney Reviews came up with an article To Know all the FD Interest Rates before investing in them. 

Senior Citizens get around 0.5% more. Few Small Finance Banks offer very attractive rates on fixed deposits. But remember one needs to look for safety while investing in Fixed Deposits.

FDs Enjoy The Following Advantages:

  • Once you invest in FDs, the returns are assured.
  • The investor can choose to receive the interest payouts monthly or annually.
  • FDs are much safer than shares.
  • FD accounts can be opened for various tenures. It could be as less as 7 days and up to 10 years.
  • Majority of banks offer loans against FD. This assists the account holder during a financial emergency.

Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC)

This is a subsidiary of RBI launched for the purpose of ensuring guarantees against all bank deposits like saving, current and fixed recurring deposits. A maximum limit of Rs 5,00,000 against each deposit is ensured. DICGC plays a major role in creating trust factors in the minds of the depositors. All banks irrespective of their size are regulated by DICGC. It has the right to cancel a bank’s registration if it fails to make premium payments for three consecutive half yearly periods. 

Indian money company reviews one of the key points with a bank FD is that the changes in the FD rates will impact only prospective investors. Those who are already invested in FDs will get rates that were applicable when the investment was made. This means that if one invests in a three-year FD at 7.5% per annum, then the interest rate remains at this level for the entire duration of the deposit even if rates change in the interim period.

The fixed deposit schemes offered by most banks can be availed for tenures ranging from as short as seven days to as long as 10 years. Few of the banks, such as the State Bank of Patiala, IDBI Bank, the Ratnakar Bank, etc. offer FDs that stretch to 20 years as well.  The interest on FDs is compounded on a quarterly basis.

The interest rate on FDs is entirely taxable. Our article Fixed Deposit , Interest , TDS, Tax,Income Tax Return, Refund discusses about FD interest rate, TDS and ITR

Indianmoney Reviews helps to Keep your Financial Cognizance up to date with Indianmoney App. Download NOW for simple tips & solutions for your financial wellbeing. reviews is not a seller of any financial products. We only provide FREE financial advice/education to ensure that you are not misguided while buying any kind of financial products.,15_IL.16,27_IC4471285.htm

Indian Money Company Reviews – How to select a financial planner

Indian money company reviews insight into the ups and downs of the market and helps you become familiar with investing.

Indianmoney came up with the article How to select a financial Planner.

Indianmoney Financial planners mandate every individual/entity providing financial planning services to be registered with them. You may look up on Indianmoney Reviews for a complete list of reviews from the customers.

An Indian money Financial Advisor is someone who gets directly compensated by the investor. They charge for the financial plan and advisory services provided to the investor. They do not earn any commissions or brokerage from the products or strategies they recommend. The is no conflict of interest when the planner lists out the action items in a financial plan. They earn no kick backs or under the table payments for anything. These planners are bound by fiduciary responsibility and are mandated by SEBI to keep the best interests of the investors in mind.

Indianmoney Reviews understands the risk profile of an investor and assigns the right asset allocation suitable for the unique needs serves as a strong foundation for the financial plan of an individual. The financial planner gives our recommendations with proper risk profiling.

Highly qualified team to handle your investments as per your risk profile: Our investment team backed by solid research will identify the most suitable financial products for you to achieve your financial goals as per the plan. All these investments are adjusted based on market conditions and available duration for each goal on your behalf.

Indianmoney boasts a Certified Financial advisor. This certification is managed by Financial Planning Standards Board, India, and all certified candidates are registered on their website

Indianmoney reviews an advisor should understand your needs and recommend products suitable to you and explain reasons for selecting the product. The Advisor should have the system and the processes to assess your risk, suitability for your unique situation and take actions accordingly.

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Indianmoney Reviews – Financial Security

Financial security is crucial for all of us. Small or big, we all have to do investment at one point or another. However, choosing the right investor or investment company or online investment platforms is a tricky task. I can say Indianmoney Reviews from my own experience. 

When I got my first salary, I spent it all on shopping and partying. However, since my second salary, I have been investing in multiple investment products through

Before trusting them with my money, I checked all the reviews and I was more than sure that Indian money company reviews are taking me in the right direction.    is a reliable platform and all its investment and loan products are genuine. They have a number of reliable customers and the platform has earned goodwill in the market by providing trustworthy and transplant service.

I personally was looking for a small investment for a longer duration. When I registered by query, I received a call from their professional who guided me thoroughly and provided all the required information. Each of my queries were resolved. 

The platform suggested to me the list of most suitable investment options and I must say, I am happy to trust Indianmoney reviews and invest with them.

Even today, whenever I have any query, I call their customer support and they are there to support. Last month I recommended the platform to one of my colleagues for loan requirements, and even his work is done smoothly. I usually do not recommend anything to anyone when it comes to finances, but I have nothing else but positive Indian money company reviews for you. If you are looking for investments or any other financial help, is the place for you. Give it a try and decode by yourself.,15_KH16,30.htm

How to select mutual fund without Complaints – Reviews

Mutual fund schemes are often very attractive but how to choose the right one? Let us go through the details of how to choose the right scheme in this Indianmoney reviews.

How to choose the right mutual fund?

1. Pick a mutual fund based on risk profile

As per Indianmoney review, risk profile is the ability and willingness to bear risk without any complaints. According to Indian Money company profile analysis, a conservative investor must consider large-cap funds. They generate wealth, slowly and steadily over the long term.

These are steady performers which pay regular dividends. Large-caps have performed very well over the last year, even as mid-caps and small-caps are going through a severe correction. A volatile market has forced investors to seek solace in large-cap funds.

Mid-caps and small-caps are for investors with high risk tolerance. They outperform large-caps in a bull market, but could crash in a bear market. Small-caps are for investors with high risk appetite, seeking very high returns. 

2. Look at expense ratio

According to Reviews , total Expense Ratio (TER) is the expenses involved in managing and operating the fund. Studies have shown that mutual funds with lower expense ratio generally outperform those with higher expense ratio.  

Large-caps have lower expense ratio vis-à-vis mid-caps and small-caps, as expenses are spread over a fund of very large size. Mid-caps and small-caps have a higher expense ratio as they meet expenses over a smaller asset base.

3. Invest based on time horizon

Time horizon is the time you can stay invested in a mutual fund. Invest in equity mutual funds for the long-term of at least 5-7 years. Studies have shown that 10-year returns of small-caps are higher than large-cap funds over the same period. 

According to Indian Money reviews, small-caps are good performers even over a 5-year period. The trick of making money in any mutual fund is staying invested for the long-term. Invest in small-caps over large-caps and even mid-caps, if you have a time horizon of 10 years or more. reviews aim to transform the lives of the common man by giving them the right financial guidance. The Company through the IndianMoney App informs on what’s happening around the World in just 64 words. It gives live help on financial topics with AI-powered chat assistants and free financial advice on any financial product. This app delivers personalized finance news, education, tips and advice.

The award winning Financial Wellness platform offers engaging, effective, unbiased online financial education, contained in a highly customizable delivery system, and a personal approach to help users achieve a positive behavior change. We’re proud to offer the most adaptive financial wellness platform available – customizable to achieve the unique goals of your organization.

Indian money company reviews focus on helping people gain financial freedom and remain debt-free. advicors motivate you to save up and be smart about investing.They also provide information on how to manage credit, kicking bad financial habits, and avoid sliding into debt.The financial advisors in provide information on gaining income, managing personal finances, keeping debt in control, and even offer some career advice.

5 Things about Financial Advisors – Indianmoney Reviews

Indianmoney company Financial advisors are the individuals who help their customers deal with their cash, including their ventures and some other records. Simultaneously, budgetary organizers are experts who center around formulating a monetary arrangement to meet money related objectives. 

Indianmoney reviews about the financial advisors that oversee ventures, additionally help in the deal or acquisition of protections by going about as a specialist for the exchange, or they can even make a total intend to meet monetary objectives. reviews Financial organizers help organizations or people to develop a system to meet money related objectives. Additionally, these organizers survey their customer’s present circumstances and prescribe how to improve it. A Financial organizer can have certain specialized topics, similar to burden arranging, retirement arranging, or venture arranging. There are different accreditations to become monetary organizers. Consequently, to turn into a budgetary organizer, one needs to pass every one of these accreditations and get their licenses.

Below is a list of 5 things about the Financial Advisor of Indianmoney Reviews

1. Get to Know Your Clients, Prospects, and Referral Partners

An investment advisor in Indian Money Company are familiar with the “Know Your Customer” rule, designed to protect against money laundering and to ensure the suitability of investments. 

2. Stay Top of Mind

Indianmoney Financial Advisors having their clients and prospects in their address book or on friends’ list is just the start. For clients, it’s important that they hear from advisors regularly. They want to know that advisors are constantly working behind the scenes and on top of things. They also want to know that they care about what’s going on in their lives.

3. Focus on a Niche

Serving clients in a specific niche for Indian Money financial advisors can generate more referrals. People in the tech industry know other techies, and alumni love to help their fellow alumni.

4. Communicate Clearly

Clients want to feel confident that Indianmoney financial advisors know all stuff, they need to understand what to recommend and how it’s going to help them succeed. Make it easy for them by being clear and direct.

5. Develop Your Bedside Manner

Indianmoney Financial Advisors help the  Clients most when they’re feeling stressed. Indian money company reviews that the  financial advisor develops a reputation for being easy to talk to clients that will stay with longer, bring in more of their assets and be willing to refer new clients to the Organization. reviews say financial literacy is more than a nice-to-have skill. It is a necessity in today’s world. Every individual needs this skill for their benefit. Young people today are not prepared to manage money once they start working and that is probably the reason household debt is growing at a much faster pace than household savings in India.

Indian Money Company Reviews Bangalore shows that they deal with thousands of people and solve their financial dilemma, every day. Mutual funds are turning out to be quite a favorite mode of investment these days. But not everyone completely understands the risks related to it. Indian Money is a financial education company which imparts information to people on financial aspects.

IndianMoney Reviews Bangalore’s focus on Bank fixed deposits are massively popular and are the preferred investment option of millions. But if you have already built a corpus by investing in FDs and are looking for other safe investment avenues with better yield then you may try your luck in Fixed maturity schemes.

7 Financial Lessons Diwali 2020 – Review by

Diwali is India’s biggest and most important festival. This festival gets its name from the rows of clay lamps called ‘Deepa’ lit outside people’s homes to symbolize the defeat of spiritual darkness with inner light. Diwali is now a National Festival celebrated by Indians regardless of faith.

1. Plan your investments

It’s time to think of your financial investments, as per Indianmoney reviews this Diwali. Do you have a term life insurance plan to protect loved ones and care for their financial well being if something untoward happens to you? What about a family floater health insurance plan to take care of your family’s hospitalization needs this Diwali? A Child Endowment Plan could be a lasting gift for your son. It would take care of higher education and marriage expenses. You could start investing in an SIP of mutual funds this Diwali 2020

2. Get a financial advisor this Diwali

IndianMoney Reviews department has wealthy doctors who give genuine and unbiased financial advice, to make sure you are not cheated or mis-sold financial products. Our wealthy doctors can help achieve financial goals. Insurance agents are known to mis-sell life insurance products like endowment plans to pocket commissions.

3. Make a well balanced portfolio

You must be familiar with asset allocation, which is dividing the investment across asset categories. Indian money company reviews of asset allocation helps balance risk and reward by apportioning portfolio assets to meet financial goals based on your risk toleration and investment horizon. If your portfolio is light on equity, bring in more funds and maintain a balance between debt and equity. Stock markets have crashed and this is an excellent time to pick good stocks at low prices.

4. Have Gold in your portfolio

You don’t need to buy gold coins or gold ornaments. Invest in gold Exchange-Traded Funds popularly called Gold ETFs which represent physical gold in the dematerialized form. Lead market review of gold ETFs can be traded on the stock exchange just like stocks. You don’t have the hassles of storing gold jewelry and there are no making charges.

5. Have a SIP in equity mutual fund

Start a SIP this Diwali 2018. The money invested in the equity mutual fund scheme can meet financial goals like Children’s education, marriage and even retirement.

6. Make a budget

A budget helps spend better and get more bang for buck. It squeezes value out of every rupee. Make a budget this Diwali 2018 and you will have money to spend on things you really need.

7. Get rid of debt

Get rid of credit card dues and that personal loan before Diwali 2020. Diwali is the time to improve CIBIL score. Getting rid of unsecured loans (Loans with no collateral), improves CIBIL score. These loans have high interest and a delay in repayments messes up credit score. Diwali is the time to wipe out darkness with light. Lead market complaints experts advice that you make sure you wipe out the darkness of debt this Diwali 2020.

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Indian Money Reviews On Reducing TAX Burden – Indian Money

Saving taxes is really a serious concern for high earning individuals. So, how they can reduce their tax burden? Let us look into some useful tips provided by Indian Money Reviews How high earning individuals can Reduce TAX Burden?

Donations and Charity

By making donations, you will be able to support a good cause and at the same time get tax deductions. When you make a donation to any relief fund or charitable institution then you will be saving taxes under Section 80G.

Similarly, when you make a donation for any rural development work or for a scientific research project then such donation entitles you to claim deductions under Section 80GGA.

Capital Gains

According to Reviews, investment in capital gains bonds turns out to be the right option for high earning individuals.

The reason is that, when capital assets are sold and capital gains arise out of it, those gains are tax free if the gains are invested in capital gain bonds. Another good thing is that, by making an investment in these capital gain bonds you will be able to save as much as fifty lakhs every year.

Short Term Trading

If you fall in the category of high earning individuals then as per Indian Money review Bangalore it will be important for you to stay away from short term trading. The reason is that capital gains in the short term are usually taxable at 15% rate.

Give a Gift

If the value of a gift is higher than Rs.50, 000/- in a year then only it is taxed otherwise not. But, according to Indian Money Bangalore, this rule will not be applicable if the gift is given to following people:

  1.     Spouse
  2.     Parent’s siblings
  3.     Parents
  4.     Siblings of your spouse
  5.     Your siblings

Indian Money company reviews Bangalore’s focus on helping people buy the right financial products through personalized free financial education and to become the most admired & trusted financial education company in the world. Indianmoney in Shanti Nagar, Bangalore-560027-Get IndianMoney in Shanti Nagar address, phone numbers, user ratings, reviews, contact person and quotes in Reviews create awareness and educate consumers on access to financial services, to educate the public or investors on the Financial Literacy, to protect the interest of the investors, to create awareness on availability of various types of Financial Products and their features, provide necessary infrastructure for public or investors to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to become financially literate, to change attitudes to translate knowledge into behaviour, to provide aid and assistance to public or investors to develop and maintain appropriate standards of competence for financial education and literacy through examination and continuing education, and to make consumers understand their rights and responsibilities as clients of financial services.,15_IL.16,27_IC4471285.htm

Indian money company reviews Financial Knowledge This Diwali Season

Diwali is the most important festival in India. This festival gets its name from the rows of clay lamps called ‘Deepa’ lit outside people’s homes to symbolize the defeat of spiritual darkness with inner light. This festival is very important for Hindus who celebrate it with fervor and festivity. Diwali is now a National Festival celebrated by Indians regardless of faith.

Diwali symbolizes the Victory of light over darkness, Good over Evil and Knowledge over Ignorance. Diwali is the time to enjoy delicious sweets, light bright lamps and have a sparkling celebration with green crackers. There are no Indian Money Company Reviews since they provide unbiased reviews. Let us look at the financial lessons they are providing this Diwali season.

Financial Lessons this Diwali Season

  1. Get a financial advisor this Diwali

You may be good with money, but as per Indian Money reviews, there’s no harm in getting a financial advisor. A financial advisor guides and helps achieve financial goals.   He is like a Doctor who helps you get well soon.

  1. Make a well balanced portfolio

Don’t you clean the house and get clothes ironed and shoes polished well before Diwali? Diwali 2018 is the time to get your portfolio rebalanced and ready for anything as per Indian Money Reviews.

You must be familiar with asset allocation, which is dividing the investment across asset categories. Asset allocation helps balance risk and reward by apportioning portfolio assets to meet financial goals based on your risk toleration and investment horizon.

  1. Have Gold in your portfolio

Most financial gurus like Indian Money CEO say you must have at least 10% gold in your portfolio. If your portfolio is light on gold, make sure to shore it up with gold this Diwali 2020.

You don’t need to buy gold coins or gold ornaments. Invest in gold Exchange-Traded Funds popularly called Gold ETFs which represent physical gold in the dematerialized form. Gold ETFs can be traded on the stock exchange just like stocks. You don’t have the hassles of storing gold jewelry and there are no making charges.

  1. Have a SIP in equity mutual fund

Diwali 2018 is the time to take a SIP. As per Indian Money reviews, Systematic Investment Plans called SIPs are a method of investing in equity mutual funds. You invest small amounts regularly say once each day, week, fortnight or year, in an equity mutual fund scheme.

Start a SIP this Diwali 2020. According to C S Sudheer, Indian Money CEO, the money invested in the equity mutual fund scheme can meet financial goals like Children’s education, marriage and even retirement.,15_IL.16,27_IC4471285.htm,15_KO16,33.htm

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